Convenience triumphs security: What APAC consumers want from businesses

In a post-pandemic world, data breaches are on a rise and cyberattacks are becoming highly sophisticated. In addition to that, even though Asia Pacific consumers consider security as the most important feature in an application, more than nine in 10 consumers across Asia Pacific revealed that they would choose convenience and frictionless application user experience over security.

In fact, in F5’s latest Curve of Convenience 2020 Report, three in four Asia Pacific consumers surveyed shared that they are not responsible for their own data security. Instead, consumers expect businesses and governments to protect their data.

While consumers decide that convenience triumphs security, how should organizations address the paradox that consumers present and still deliver the frictionless user experience that they expect?

  • Examine the key findings of consumer attitudes and behaviors across privacy and convenience
  • Explore customer case studies from the Banking and Financial sector
  • Share how organizations can leverage on next-level technology solutions that help remove fiction and strengthens security posture

Webinar Details

Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Time: 11:30 AM SGT / 1:30 PM AEST / 9:00 AM IST

Guest speakers

Keiichiro Nozaki
Senior Marketing Evangelist, APCJ

Shahnawaz Backer
Principal Security Advisor, APCJ

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