Telstra Workshop: A Modern Multi-Cloud Platform & Application Architecture

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Have you ever thought of what a multi-cloud Modern Application Architecture really looks like? Multi-cloud Modern App Architecture provides a platform that allows for more flexible, resilient and agile software developments to address the ever-changing needs of businesses. It helps to accelerate your application delivery with ease and increase your application resiliency and security. Service mesh is an essential component of this, providing microservices governance by adding necessary visibility and security controls.

Join this session to hear from the Telstra Converged Services Manager and Cloud Enablement teams on how they are adopting multi-cloud app solutions. We will dive into how F5 is underpinning these services.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What a highly resilient multi-cloud modern application architecture looks like
  • What is a service mesh, do you really need a service mesh, and what challenges does it solve
  • How the Telstra Converged Services Manager and Cloud Enablement platform leverages these technologies to reduce operational complexities and enhance your application security and visibility



Danilo Gonzalez
Edge Cloud Platform Architect


Mike Pavey
Senior Solutions Architect


Joshua Gilman
Enterprise Account Executive. Aspen Mesh