Event Details

Day / Date: 13 June 2023, Tuesday
Time: 09.00 am – 1.30 pm WIB
Location: Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

*Join us at in-person event and enjoy networking over morning refreshments and lunch, as well as opportunity to explore solutions exhibition. Registration for in-person event will start at 8.00am WIB”

Secure. Simplify. Scale.

Like most organizations today, you are at the epicenter of two significant trends: the evolution of applications as the center of your customers' digital lives and the escalating threats to application security. F5 is rapidly expanding its global network presence in Asia to help make dauntingly complex tasks to ridiculously easy. F5 Distributed Cloud Services; a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform provides you with a single console to manage and secure applications deployed either in the public cloud, on-premises, or at the edge.

Join us at F5 Engage Indonesia, a live broadcast event from Jakarta, Indonesia, where F5 and industry technology experts will share insights on how to tackle the most pressing IT challenges facing businesses today. At the event, you'll learn:

  • How you secure what matters most: Get the latest threat intelligence and best strategies to mitigate web app, API, and infrastructure attacks.
  • How you simplify operations: Gain insights on how to simplify operations with consistent security that protects your entire digital fabric.
  • Scale with confidence: Discover best practices for unleashing innovation and velocity while maintaining security, whether you have legacy apps deployed in your data centre, hybrid apps connected by APIs, microservices-based apps relying on distributed Kubernetes clusters, or all of the above.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and stay ahead of the competition! Seats are limited, so register today to select your sessions and secure your place.

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Agendas at a Glance

09.00 – 09.15 Welcome & Opening Address
(State of Application Strategy)
Welcome & Opening Address
(State of Application Strategy)


09.15 – 09.50 Keynote: Making App Security and Delivery Ridiculously Easy Keynote: Making App Security and Delivery Ridiculously Easy


09.50 – 10.00
Architecture Approach for Modern Applications Architecture Approach for Modern Applications

IT leaders today face unique challenges and opportunities as they find themselves at the epicenter of multiple vectors. The application landscape is evolving rapidly, as are customer expectations, security threats, and cloud deployments. In addition, IT leaders must also navigate their roles as business leaders, with priorities that evolve almost yearly. This panel discussion will explore how CIOs and CTOs can transform themselves and their companies to meet these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by these changes.

10.00 – 10.30 Panel Session​:
Cloud and Security: The New Realities
Panel Session​:
Cloud and Security: The New Realities
Secure Apps and APIs Everywhere

As businesses increasingly rely on digital transformation, APIs have become essential for connecting systems and streamlining processes. However, APIs have also become a prime target for cybercriminals, making them vulnerable to attacks such as data breaches and injection attacks that can compromise sensitive data and harm businesses.

In this session, learn how F5 and AWS work together to create secure and scalable web apps, ensuring protection against evolving cyber threats and the rising threat of API abuse. Discover advanced security practices and tools to keep data and customers safe, as businesses leverage the benefits of APIs to drive growth and innovation.

10.30 – 11.05
11.05 – 11.40
Simplify Modern App Development Simplify Modern App Development

Today, DevOps teams, like yours, are under tremendous pressure to speed up application development and deployment to enable app modernization and keep pace with digital transformation. To build cloud-native apps quickly, at scale, cost-effectively, and securely, DevOps teams need to adopt agile methodologies that allow organizations to move from monolithic apps to deliver microservices. Containerized applications enable DevOps to develop cloud-native apps. But how do you ensure that your app services deployments keep up with your rapid release cycles in containerized environments securely and cost-effectively?

In this session learn how to:

  • Improve data center and OpenShift cluster resiliency
  • Strengthen application security
  • Increase reliability with visibility and performance monitoring
11.40 – 12.15
Innovate and Deploy Modern Apps with Scale Innovate and Deploy Modern Apps with Scale

Distributed applications provide scalability, reduced latency, and increased availability. However, centralized management, visibility, and security become new challenges in a distributed environment. Traditional security measures may not be sufficient, and businesses must adopt new security practices and tools. In this session, discover new approaches to management, visibility, and security in a distributed environment, including centralized management tools, robust monitoring and analytics, and strong security practices to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

  Closing Remarks

Hosts, Keynote Speakers & Industry Panelists :


Michael Quek
Regional Vice President, ASEAN at F5


Chin Lim
Senior Director, ASEAN at F5


Surung Sinamo
Country Manager, Indonesia at F5​


Leslie Wong
Regional Director, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam at F5


Lily Wongso
Executive Vice President of Information Technology Security at BCA


Chief Digital Transformation Office (DTO) at Kementerian Kesehatan RI


Deni Kurniawan
Vice President ICT Security Management at Telkomsel​

Plenary Session Speakers:


Andre Iswanto
Director, Solutions Engineering, ASEAN at F5


Danang Wijanarko
Head of Solutions Engineering, Indonesia at F5


Fauzi Ramadhan
Solutions Engineer, Indonesia at F5


David Mulyadi
Hybrid Cloud Specialist at Red Hat


Veny Charnita Ginting
Solution Architect at AWS

Strategic Partners: