Secure your applications

More than three-quarters of all cybercrime targets applications and their vulnerabilities. Your company’s data is its most valuable asset, and your apps are the gateway to this data. Learn from our team of security experts about the latest threats facing companies today and how to counter them with full application security. In this track, you’ll learn all about latest application security measures that ensure your business is always firing on all cylinders. Check back regularly for updated content!

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Securing Apps Starts with Securing Kubernetes

When an application enters production as a container, it arrives as a changeless artifact. The first few moments of its existence are spent communicating and learning through the platform API, DNS services, settings, and volumes. The question is, at what stage was the application most vulnerable and when was it compromised?

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Integrating WAF into DevSecOps Practices

The fact that application attacks are on the rise is a growing concern for business leaders, as applications are the gateway to an organisation's most valuable assets – the data.

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Biggest Cybersecurity Challenges of 2022: Are You Prepared?

Join us for an exclusive myForum event where we explore and debate the most pressing cybersecurity concerns of 2022, and more importantly how organisations can fight back.