Optimise your application environment

Modern app development requires the integration of multiple tools and services. In this track, our expert architects, engineers, and developers will help you adopt the most appropriate solutions for your entire application life cycle, including showcasing how automation can take your app performance to the next level. Check back regularly for updated content.

Live Session | 24 June 2021

Microservices – Succeeding with Apps, Containers, and Service Mesh

Microservices technologies power our favourite digital experiences. But what are the challenges faced by organisations that wish to adapt to a microservices infrastructure? What are the benefits of modern app delivery, and how can you mitigate many of the complexities?

Live Session | 22 June 2021

A QUIC Look at HTTP/3 and Why You Need It

We waited decades for a new HTTP version and then two came along at once! Following just six years after HTTP/2 was introduced, HTTP/3 is now here. With it comes QUIC, a brand new transport protocol.