Optimise your application environment

Modern app development requires the integration of multiple tools and services. In this track, our expert architects, engineers, and developers will help you adopt the most appropriate solutions for your entire application life cycle, including showcasing how automation can take your app performance to the next level. Check back regularly for updated content.

On-Demand Session

Dynamic Service Discovery and Network Automation with F5 and HashiCorp

Organisations experience great frustration when gaps emerge between software development and production availability. IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes themselves are not the enemy, but their implementations which prevent the delivery of seamless digital capabilities for users, impeding business value.

On-Demand Session

Easily Deploy, Secure, and Scale Your Applications with F5 NGINX and AWS

Analysts estimate that API calls now represent over 80% of all web traffic. For end users, that translates into better application flexibility and a more connected customer experience. For developers and security professionals, that means more management tasks and an increase in security risk with each API end point published.

On-Demand Session

Automating Security with F5 and Ansible in OpenShift Microservices Deployments

With pressure to move quickly, while accounting for vulnerabilities and avoiding human error, securing applications can be challenging. Instead of using automation to simplify tasks, organisations are forced to complete those tasks manually.