Optimise your application environment

Modern app development requires the integration of multiple tools and services. In this track, our expert architects, engineers, and developers will help you adopt the most appropriate solutions for your entire application life cycle, including showcasing how automation can take your app performance to the next level. Check back regularly for updated content.

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Scaling Your App Delivery Infrastructure in Minutes not Days

A challenge that many organisations face today is the ability to scale out their application delivery infrastructure to accommodate a short-term, unforeseen, or planned increase in traffic and users. Scaling out doesn’t have to take days or weeks, nor does it have to be a tedious time-consuming process. Automation is the key to simplifying the scaling process and making it repeatable.

On-Demand Session

Why You Need Observability Beyond Monitoring Apps

Enterprise IT landscapes have evolved into a patchwork of legacy and modern applications, all supporting the business in their own right. Moving applications to public clouds and leveraging new technologies like containers results in complexity that is extremely difficult to manage.