On-Demand Session

Fraud Prevention and the Delivery of a Friction Free Customer Experience

Cybercrime is big business. Professional, organised attackers armed with a vast array of sophisticated tool kits can no longer be ignored. Using sophisticated techniques to bypass security controls, these cybercriminals seek to exploit vulnerabilities in your web and mobile applications to launch damaging and far reaching attacks.

Attackers and fraudsters can call upon a sophisticated suite of tools, including human-powered click farms, social engineering, and malware - all designed to defeat traditional defences such as WAFs and CAPTCHAs.

This one-hour session will dive deeper into how organisations can keep pace with this shift using Shape’s combination of signals, machine learning and managed service.

By attending this session, you …

  • Will understand how to prevent fraud by distinguishing between real and unreal traffic.
  • Identify how application abuse and fraudulent activities differ to other forms of application attacks.
  • Gain insight into how to enable a secure, frictionless customer experience.

Presenter and moderator

Chris Fuller
Solutions Engineering Manager,
Shape Security

Alfredo Vistola

Senior Global Solutions Architect - Security

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