On-Demand Session

Managing and Securing Your Application Traffic in Kubernetes

With organisations moving ahead with their digital transformation strategies, application teams are embracing agile development methodologies and DevOps tools. These modern applications are often deployed in container platforms such as Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, or public cloud offerings like Azure Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, or Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service.

In order to make the applications accessible to the outside world in a secure manner, you need to integrate the configuration of your traffic management and application security policies in the Kubernetes framework.

By attending this session, you will understand...

  • The main Kubernetes and OpenShift concepts to control traffic management and extended capabilities applied to application security
  • How F5 solutions like BIG-IP Container Ingress Services and NGINX Ingress Controller fit in modern architectures
  • The configuration steps to successfully manage and secure your applications



Philippe Cloup
Senior Solutions Architect



Bart Salaets
Senior Director Solutions Engineering

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