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Improving Security and Reducing Friction with Intelligent Device Identification

Understanding the devices interacting with your website brings with it tremendous benefits. But a reliable, usable, and effective device identifier requires moving beyond legacy approaches of digital identity.

By collecting information about the browser, operating system, hardware, and network configuration, a real-time unique identifier for each device can help you understand how users interact with your website and help you better serve and protect your customers.

In this session you will learn how you can:

  • Gain insights and intelligence around devices interacting with your applications
  • Personalise and accelerate online experiences for known returning users
  • Strengthen application security by detecting or blocking known bad devices
  • Mitigate fraud and risk by analysing high-velocity devices and interactions
  • Reduce security friction and increase revenue



Patrick Zoller
Security Solutions Architect


Varun Uppal
Director Consulting Shape Security



Bart Salaets
Senior Director Solutions Engineering

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