On-Demand Session

Multi-layer App Security in Kubernetes for DevSecOps

Modern applications are complex, consisting of multiple software elements that are developed and upgraded separately. Studies from Cloud Native Computing Foundation and others show that containers and container orchestration platforms are now the “new normal” for application development and scaling.

In this session, we will focus on security services that can be deployed and scaled in orchestration platforms like Kubernetes.

You will learn how you can:

  • Protect your applications against app-layer attacks
  • Easily deploy and operate app protection with an ingress controller inside your Kubernetes cluster
  • Evolve and scale add-on services, protecting your applications at the pace of your traffic
  • Provide additional services like DDoS protection to not only secure your applications, but also your clusters



Philippe Cloup
Senior Solutions Architect


Mark Boddington
Solutions Engineer NGINX



Dor Zakai
Senior Director Solutions Engineering NGINX

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