F5 Distributed Cloud Services – Less Pain, More Gain


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Modern applications are no longer single, monolithic entities but are broken down into multiple microservices communicating through APIs – often deployed in different locations and clouds. As a result, deploying, securing, interconnecting, and monitoring modern apps has become more complex than ever before.

In this webinar, we will explain how the F5 Distributed Cloud Services Platform can help address these challenges in an easy to consume Software-as-a-Service based model. We will cover:

  • Securing distributed applications through best-of-breed services such as WAF, DDoS mitigation, bot defence, and API protection
  • Interconnecting application constituents deployed across different environments through application-centric, multi-cloud networking capabilities
  • Deploying applications across a wide variety of cloud and edge environments, facilitated by a distributed Kubernetes-based application stack
  • Managing and operating the above capabilities through a centralised and SaaS-based management console with end-to-end visibility and analytics




Bart Salaets
Senior Director Solutions Engineering




Dor Zakai
Senior Director Solutions Engineering