Generative AI in Cyber Security: A Double-Edged Sword


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The pace of the adoption of generative AI is set to eclipse nearly every other major technology introduction in the past two decades. As an inherently democratised technology usable by technical and non-technical users alike, security professionals are being challenged to leverage it as a tool – and view it as a threat.

In this session, we will examine the defensive and offensive uses of generative AI, and attempt to predict what the future holds for the cyber security industry as we adjust to the rapidly growing "new normal". You will learn about:

  • The emerging threat surface created and embodied by generative AI technologies
  • Ways that adversaries use and abuse generative AI, and possible defences
  • A simple way to classify AI workloads that you can easily apply
  • What the future holds for AI-backed security

Presenter and Moderator:

Joel Moses
Distinguished Engineer and
CTO of Systems and Platforms

Bart Salaets
Field Chief Technology Officer