Financial fraud is on the upswing. Do you have a safety net?


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Today, the vast majority of fraud losses are the result of complex organized crime rings. So how can businesses fight back? In a white paper commissioned by F5, Aite Group interviewed risk executives at financial institutions, fintech lenders, and e-commerce companies to learn how they are protecting themselves from the escalating volume of account takeover (ATO) attacks.

Among the takeaways:

  • Most consumers use the same handful of usernames and passwords across websites, creating a vulnerability exploited by organized crime rings.
  • The available attack surface continues to expand, making detection and mitigation more complex.
  • Organizations need a solution that leverages real-time data analytics to keep pace with automated attacks and block malicious activity before it affects the business.
  • Firms with robust defenses will see attack volume decrease as criminals focus their attacks on easier targets.