EMA Impact Brief

F5 Revolutionizes API Security for the AI Era

As applications and the interfaces that connect them continue to grow, organizations are experiencing escalating complexity—fueled by the rise of AI.

Apps have evolved into distributed API-based systems, creating a sprawl of digital endpoints and multiple tools used to manage and secure them. What if you could strengthen and simplify your API security posture with a single solution?

F5 continues to execute on its unified API security strategy with innovations that reduce the risk window for new APIs, provide clear governance guidance, and perform comprehensive API discovery from code to runtime—while lessening complexity.

Read this EMA Impact Brief to Learn About:

The security implications of multicloud environments

38% of orgs deploy apps in six different environments.

Why a full lifecycle API security solution is needed

Shift left to simplify API discovery and protection.

How to protect APIs in the AI era

Reduce risk and streamline operations in a unified solution.