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SRE Brings Modern Enterprise Architectures into Focus

The siloes experienced by business and IT can be bridged with the incorporation of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) into modern enterprise architectures, thereby supporting the transformation journey into an efficient and scalable digital business.

What Hybrid IT Means for App and API Security

The year 2022 will be remembered as the year the industry finally reconciled itself to the fact that IT is and will be for the foreseeable future, hybrid. The question is, what does that mean for security and, specifically, for app and API security.

You Can’t Build a Digital Experience

Experience is based on perspective, and since you can't build perspective, focus needs to be directed toward architecting a digital service that addresses the technical requirements of a positive digital experience: availability, security, and performance.

Six Technical Capabilities to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Today's enterprise architectures lack the necessary factors of agility, scale, security, and observability, which are key to driving technological change, but these six core capabilities will help businesses manage risk and challenges throughout their digital transformation.

Stop Online Fraud without Adding Friction

Why has online fraud become so severe? Changes in consumer behavior, such as a rise in online shopping along with greater adoption of digital payments, have provided more targets for fraud. Buy Now, Pay Later has also become increasingly popular, growing by 300% per year since 2018. Experian predicts this will be a major fraud target, as criminals use stolen or fictional identities to buy items without paying.

Using AI for IT Automation Security

Learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning aid in mitigating cybersecurity threats to your IT automation processes.

Insights from a Global Conversation on Cyber Resilience

CISO Gail Coury reflects on her recent attendance of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting on Cybersecurity, combining perspectives of security experts from different sectors and regions to prompt a larger discussion on cybersecurity resilience.

Headless architecture is on the rise

The explosive and expansive use of APIs is contributing to the rise of headless architecture and providing GraphQL a prominent place in this neomodern application architecture.

Building a More Diverse and Inclusive F5—Together

Each F5er has played a part in building a more diverse and inclusive company and it will take all of us to continue the momentum. We know it’s not perfect and the list of things to accomplish is much longer than the list of those we’ve achieved. But today, we take note of both where we’ve been and where we’re going. And we appreciate the commitment to working together to build a culture where each one of us can be who we are—and where everyone can thrive.

F5 and Google Cloud Secure Adaptive Applications

Fraud keeps increasing in sophistication, often carried out by organized gangs of cybercriminals. As threat actors relentlessly change techniques to bypass security defenses, IT security teams find themselves constantly on the defense—pushing their already-strained resources to the brink.