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State of Application Strategy 2022: Asia Pacific Prioritizes Edge Deployments, Security Workloads

The need for multi-cloud and edge deployments stems from the growing digital landscape and accelerating business requirements.

The Sky-High Costs of Not Securing Digital Healthcare User Experiences

Enterprises can help mitigate risk by adopting zero trust architectures and stopping credential stuffing attacks using F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense and Account Protection.

What Hollywood taught me about Zero Trust

If the intergalactic spacecrafts from our favorite sci-fi shows were to incorporate the core beliefs of Zero Trust when securing their critical systems, they would have successfully prevented a substantial amount of systems attacks and malfunctions.

State of Application Strategy 2022: Multi-Cloud Complexity Continues

Complexity is synonymous with operating in multiple clouds. Magnified by the use of APIs and the increasing skills and tools deficit, this complexity isn't going away, but it can be managed.

Modernizing IT: An Enterprise Architecture for Digital Business

The enterprise architecture frameworks used by business, established nearly half a century ago, are not sufficient to support today's digital transformation. To successfully become a digital business, business and IT need to modernize their enterprise architecture.

A Passion for Giving Back

Helping others fills our soul with love and hope. It creates a more meaningful existence, for both ourselves and those we touch through our contributions. Volunteering is one of the most beautiful aspects of being human.

State of Application Strategy 2022: Performance Trends

Performance reigns supreme, so much so that businesses would exchange security to see its improvement. In addition, performance presents a significant obstacle to realizing the benefits of multi-cloud strategies and is definitively driving businesses to extend to the edge.

State of Application Strategy 2022: Time to Modernize Ops

It's become clear that to continue the momentum of their digital transformation journey, organizations need to renew their focus on business functions. While customer-facing experiences are still priority, enabling business functions such as legal, HR, and finance to digitize is necessary. This means CIOs are taking the driver's seat as digital transformation transitions from modernizing aps to modernizing ops.

State of Application Strategy 2022: The Future of Business Is Adaptive

Discover the major trends of F5's 2022 State of Application Strategy Report to see how businesses adapt app modernization, security, and delivery for the future.

Understanding and Addressing Spring4Shell and Related Vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-22965, CVE-2022-22950, CVE-2022-22963)

Just when we all thought it was safe to dive back into application development after the pain and churn caused by the Log4j vulnerability and the Log4Shell attacks, here comes yet another beast of a vulnerability to take a chunk out of security and devour valuable resources.