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The Need for the Evolution of Operations

In a digital as default world, operations is still too reliant on manual methods and needs to evolve to enable adaptive applications. This evolution requires significant change across all of IT. It needs AI-enabled adaptability that will maintain availability, optimize performance, and ensure security.

How to Mitigate Log4j Today and Stop Future Exploits

It’s been a tough month for many in the IT world. On December 10th, a critical zero-day vulnerability was discovered and announced in the ubiquitous logging library from the Apache Software Foundation used for Java applications known as Log4j.

Don’t Bring a Legacy Mindset to Multi-Cloud

Rather than a one-time lift-and-shift, deploying to the cloud has become another option in the app deployment lifecycle, and applications are evolving to make better use of resources by being “cloud-native.” As organizations are increasingly adopting multiple clouds and mutli-cloud, it’s important to ask what other aspects also need to change in the apps and operations realm.

Bandwidth for Business: The New Middle Mile

What do you do when SD-WAN over the Internet isn’t enough? Move that automation to a physical network and connect it everywhere.

Advanced Threat Research: Dissecting the Russian Origin Collector-Stealer Malware

Collector-stealer is an active piece of malware used across the globe. It uses a variety of mechanisms to infiltrate user systems and quietly steal sensitive data. Our security experts have uncovered its secrets and expose how it works in this latest threat research.

The Top 10 Top 10 Predictions for 2022

As December comes to a close, tech pundits dust off their crystal balls and share their predictions for the coming year. For Peter Silva's annual list, he's compiled a collection of what the industry is saying (and anticipating) for 2022.

Protection against the Apache Log4j2 Vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228)

Vulnerabilities, exploitations, mitigation, and remediation are always disruptive, and it’s F5’s mission to do what we can to provide expertise and support for customers. Teams across F5 have been actively working on tools and guidance to help already overburdened application and security teams mitigate this significant industry threat.

The Bots are in Business and Business is Good

As organizations are evolving within the digital world, so too are the threats against them. Through the utilization of bots, attacks have moved beyond exploiting CVEs due to increased value in targeting businesses inherent vulnerabilities of operating a digital presence. Identifying and stopping these bots requires security powered by AI and machine learning.

Solving IP Overlap in Multi-Cloud

As distributed modern apps become more common, so will app to app connections, such as hybrid cloud, cloud to cloud, and edge to cloud. Scalable architectures will require a method of dealing with IP overlap that can cleanly be automated.

Going Fast Vs. Going Far on Your Cloud Journey

Companies cite many reasons for why public cloud environments are appealing: scalability, a variety of consumption options that can yield cost savings, and improved agility, to name a few. However, whether an organization is migrating existing applications, building a scaled operation for new applications hosted in the public cloud, or both, the architectural approach taken can make or break the business case.