Open Banking Security and API Gateway Demo


Banks must allay consumer fears about the risk of fraud or data breaches in adopting open banking practices. F5’s open banking security solutions can effectively secure APIs and the infrastructure used to host them, regardless of architecture preferences. Our open banking solutions are designed to scale into the future and support secure API service for all your financial requirements.

In this demo, you’ll learn how using NGINX as an API gateway combined with our WAF solution protects financial organizations from sophisticated attacks and subsequently provides account holders the peace of mind they need to freely utilize your open banking solutions.

What is an API gateway?

An API gateway takes all API calls from clients, then routes them to the appropriate microservice with request routing, composition, and protocol translation. Typically, it handles a request by invoking multiple microservices and aggregating the results, to determine the best path. It can translate between web protocols and web‑unfriendly protocols that are used internally.