F5 + Amazon CloudFront CDN Integration

The internet is crawling with bots. Some bots are helpful (like search engines), some are benign, and some are malicious.

Use Cases

Bots dramatically impact customer experience and put unwanted load in infrastructure. Now you can eliminate unwanted bot traffic and attacks with F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense Connecter for the Amazon CloudFront CDN.

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Credential Stuffing

Stop bots from testing stolen credentials and taking over accounts.


Fake Accounts

Prevent criminals from creating fake accounts for fraudulent use.


Scalpers and Inventory Hoarding

Mitigate inventory hoarding and retain customer loyalty.



Protect performance and privacy—control how scrapers harvest data.


Gift Card Attacks

Disrupt enumeration of codes that lead to card cracking.

Why F5 and AWS?

F5 and AWS have teamed up to enable seamless delivery of F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense for Amazon CloudFront CDN. 

This integration enables the simple and rapid deployment of the industry’s most accurate real-time bot traffic protection and mitigation solution. This AWS Service Ready-certified product enables Amazon CloudFront customers to protect their apps with a bot detection solution that leverages rich signal analysis, AI, and human domain expertise, to deliver high efficacy bot mitigation with industry leading false positive rates.

Deltatech Gaming Ltd. Delivers More Secure Online Gaming with F5

Deltatech Gaming Ltd partnered with F5 to deploy F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense to help protect applications running in its AWS cloud environment from bots.

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Stop Automated Attacks with Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

Increase customer e-commerce engagement by protecting them against fraudulent bot attacks

Now you can secure your customers’ digital experiences and defend against account takeover with F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense, which is fast, intelligent, and secure.

Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

Distributed Cloud Bot Defense protects web and mobile applications from sophisticated attacks that can result in large scale fraud.

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Defend Against Malicious Bots with Distributed Cloud Bot Defense


Defend Against Malicious Bots with Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

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Forrester TEI Report Shows 30% Reduction in Fraud Costs with F5

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VegNonVeg Protects E-Commerce Experience for Customers

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