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Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America. We partner with industry-leading security product manufacturers and maintain a strong pulse on the newest emerging players within the cyber security space. All of our solutions integrate with those of our vendor community.

Our intimate knowledge of best-of-breed technologies include F5 solutions. Together, F5 and Optiv provide a broad mix of high-performing solutions and services—the kind organizations need in order to optimize their infrastructures and seamlessly add new capabilities.

Extensive Product Knowledge

Optiv has over 625 skilled security practitioners and holds more than fifty F5 certifications, including ADM, LTM, GTM, ASM and APM. In addition, Optiv offers authorized training, frontline support, and implementation for F5 solutions.

Deep Technology Expertise

By combining Optiv’s know-how and proficiency with the technologies and support services of our 300+ partners, there’s no question of our ability to give you better, more effective, more integrated solutions that meet your environment’s unique needs.

Client Centric Approach

When it comes to building a customized security network infrastructure, Optiv combines our security consulting services with the technologies of our partner community to ensure we are assembling the right solution specific to clients’ needs in order to achieve success in businesses security priorities from end to end.

Leverage a Powerful Partnership

As a longstanding F5 partner and a recipient of many F5 partner awards, Optiv has the hands-on experience and product knowledge required to install, upgrade, optimize, deploy, and secure your F5 solutions.

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