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Scalar Decisions Inc
1 Toronto Street, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON, M5C 2V6, Canada
+1 416-202-0020

Authorization Tiers

Installation Provider
Application Security Provider
Advanced Implementation Provider
Advanced Security Provider

Scalar is Canada’s leading IT solutions provider, focused on security, infrastructure, and cloud. Scalar is F5’s #1 partner by revenue in Canada, North American Partner of the Year for 2015, and Canadian Partner of the Year for 2016. Scalar is the only Authorized Training Centre in Canada for F5 technology, and the first F5 GUARDIAN Program Authorized Partner in Canada.

Deep Technical Expertise

Leverage Scalar’s deep technical bench to implement advanced F5 product features and to accelerate your implementations. Avail of our training courses to deepen your staff knowledge.

Delivery Excellence

Scalar was founded with a technical mindset and leads with highly trained and certified implementation resources. Let Scalar provide comprehensive security, infrastructure, and cloud solutions that help you maximize the value of F5 solutions in a multi-vendor environment.

Client Focus

Scalar's team is cross-trained with a diverse skillset and can facilitate integration between various hardware and software products to complete the solution to meet the needs of your business. We solve your most complex business problems with technology.


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