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Authorization Tiers

  • Installation Provider
  • Application Security Provider
  • Advanced Implementation Provider
  • Advanced Security Provider

WorldTech IT is a professional services & sales company focused on F5 solutions. We specialize in designing & supporting advanced solutions with F5 BIG-IP technology. From application delivery & load balancing to application security & access, we are proven experts who can assist with your F5 projects & purchases.

We exclusively support & sell F5 Networks solutions as well as technologies that complement F5 such as Ansible (to automate and orchestrate the BIG-IP). This concentration allows us to be one of the best in the industry, and the only vendor to focus on F5 technology the way we do.

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Professional Services

We offer enterprise-class professional services for F5 solutions, consulting, and support around the BIG-IP LTM, DNS (GTM), AFM, APM, ASM/AWAF, SSLO modules & BIG-IQ.

Project Consulting & Engineering

  • Design & Planning
  • Implementations, Application Deployment & Upgrades
  • Configuration Optimization & Audits
  • Automation, Custom Monitors & Scripting Development
  • On-Demand Services & Support Services


  • Application Delivery – LTM, DNS (GTM), NGINX Plus
  • Application Security – AFM, APM, ASM, AWAF, EAP, NGINX AP, & Shape Security
  • SSL/TLS Offloading & Orchestration – LTM, NGINX Plus, & SSLO
  • Visibility – BIG-IQ, NGINX Controller, & WorldTech IT’s Cloud.Red
  • Identity & Access Management – APM
  • Automation & Orchestration - F5 AS3, Ansible, & Terraform

Shape Security

The application threat landscape is quickly evolving. In addition to protecting your apps from vulnerabilities with a WAF, the need to protect your users from fraud is outpacing traditional application exploits by maliciously monetizing valuable user accounts. Our tried and true layered security model combines F5’s Advanced WAF technology with Shape’s enterprise fraud prevention to offer the most complete security for your applications and user base.


The most widely deployed web server is now owned by F5 and supported by the experts at WorldTech IT. From typical load balancing and reverse proxy features, to more advanced NGINX+ Controller and API gateway deployments, WorldTech IT has you covered.


F5 Silverline offers volumetric & Layer 7 DDoS protection, including managed WAF services. WorldTech IT has a great deal of experience around migrating on-premise WAF deployments to Silverline and assisting our clients that interface with F5’s SOC.

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“Our team has worked hard to prove that WorldTech IT is unmatched in our focus and capabilities around F5 technologies, and induction into the exclusive F5 Networks GUARDIAN program reflects those efforts."

Always-On Service

Many organizations want to maintain direct access to their devices, yet still require ongoing F5 support from specialized experts. If that sounds like you check out our most popular offering: F5 Always-On Service.

  • Convenient access to 24x7x365 emergency support for your F5 environments.
  • Includes “service credits” — i.e. discounted billable hours to engage our engineering team throughout the year for professional services when you need them.
  • Lifecycle management – We ensure your devices are up to date on TMOS code and critical patches
  • Co-Managed capabilities – Perfect for situations where you’re looking for WorldTech IT to co-manage a portion of your F5s, like co-managed WAF & AWAF, but you would still like to be responsible for the rest of your F5 environment.
  • Monthly check-ins for sharing updates, planning work, and reviewing critical releases that may affect your F5 environments (like CVEs and software updates).

Optional device monitoring & alerting is available with Always-On, which allows WorldTech IT to take a proactive approach in supporting your F5 BIG-IPs.

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Managed Services

WorldTech IT is a leading provider of F5 managed services, offering flexible options for enterprises of all sizes who rely on the availability & security of their F5s.

All the popular modules can be supported under our managed services including pointed solutions like managed and co-managed WAF, on-premise or in the cloud.

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WorldTech IT’s monitoring service allows our team to take a proactive approach in identifying and reacting to issues in your environment. If an issue is deemed critical, day or night, a U.S.-based and F5-certified on-call engineer is paged to investigate.

System polling, data collection, and alerting is made explicitly for F5 devices and built on years of F5-specific knowledge. We eat, sleep, and breathe F5!

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Cloud Services

We have experience providing full migration services to the cloud and supporting F5 SaaS services. The same technology you consume on-premise can live in any of the major public clouds, private cloud, or a hybrid approach.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Private Cloud
  • F5 SaaS – Migrations from dedicated GTM/DNS to F5’s Cloud DNS, migrations from dedicated WAF to F5’s Cloud WAF - Enterprise App Protect (EAP)

The quality of F5's offerings with BIG-IP and the continuous accumulation of best-in-class technology such as NGINX and Shape Security shows their commitment to leading the security space. We are honored to participate in the GUARDIAN program and will continue to drive adoption of F5 solutions for years to come.”