F5 BIG-IP LTM with multiple ASM and AAM devices (BIG-IP v11.4+: LTM, ASM, AAM)

This F5 deployment guide shows you how to configure the BIG-IP LTM together with multiple Application Acceleration Manager (AAM) and Application Security Manager (ASM) devices for fast, secure and reliable access to your applications. 

This document is written for organizations deploying high-volume applications based on web technologies. BIG-IP LTM is used to direct traffic through layers of AAM and ASM devices.  The AAM layer uses intelligent caching and compression to improve the application user experience while reducing the volume of requests which ASM devices and application servers actually process, minimizing application latency.  The ASM layer guards application servers against malicious traffic, and the LTM provides scalability and high availability.

The BIG-IP system uses sophisticated load-balancing algorithms to provide intelligent traffic management based on the availability and performance of all devices and servers, resulting in the best possible user experience. 

The following logical configuration example shows the configuration described in this guide.