IBM Guardium (BIG-IP v11.3 HF-1: ASM)

This F5 deployment guide provides information on how to deploy the BIG-IP ASM with IBM InfoSphere Guardium.

By combining the powerful security and reporting features in BIG-IP ASM with the advanced database inspection functionality and reporting of Guardium, organizations can now gain an unparalleled real-time view into the operation of their websites.

F5 and IBM have partnered to bring this innovative solution to our joint customers. The real-time integration between BIG-IP and Guardium provides a level of introspection into the operation of your website that exceeds other solutions on the market today. The benefits of this integration include:

  • BIG-IP ASM and Guardium integration allows end-user information to be correlated to individual SQL actions on the database in real-time.
  • Guardium can also correlate and report on events that do not have an SQL component, enhancing the value of the Guardium solution.

The following diagram shows the configuration described in this guide.