F5 Cloud Gateway and Equinix

Deploying F5 in Equinix improves your application user experience, creates a single point of control, and reduces latency. 

Use Cases

Moving to or already deploying a multi-cloud strategy? F5 technology is easily deployed into the Equinix cloud interconnection architecture providing application services for multi-cloud, co-location, and on-premises applications, improving security and operational efficiency.


Multi-Layer Application Protection Zone

Steer traffic to the appropriate security inspection devices.

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Trusted Access to Multi-Cloud Applications

Gain trusted access to multi-cloud applications. 

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Scalable Application Protection

Protect your apps from all types of attacks. 

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Global Application Availability

Ensure DNS performance and security. 

Why F5 and Equinix?

With over 200 data centers, 96% of all internet traffic flows through Equinix’s data centers. Equinix empowers enterprises to adapt quickly to change and leverage digital ecosystems to create new business value and growth. By putting F5 at the nexus of the Platform Equinix global interconnection platform for digital business, you can easily manage and secure all of your cloud-based traffic.

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Lightboard Lesson

Cloud Interconnection with F5 and Equinix

Learn how the Equinix digital infrastructure platform combined with F5 helps IT solve the need for dispersed user access to cloud infrastructures in multi-cloud environments.

BIG-IP Cloud Gateway and Equinix Cloud Interconnection

Manage and secure your multi-cloud application traffic

In order to accomplish the multi-cloud digital transformation that over 80% of organizations are undertaking, they must manage and secure their inbound and outbound cloud traffic and figure out how to operationalize, keeping their highly distributed applications running at top efficiency. By leveraging BIG-IP local and global traffic solutions combined with advanced security functions, organizations can take advantage of a single point of control of traffic within Equinix.

Improving Business Outcomes and App Experiences with a Cloud Gateway in Equinix

Based on our research, you’re likely in the 87% of organizations that operate multi-cloud apps. You're also likely to employ 2–6 different public cloud providers. Do you know why that’s notable?




One Gateway to Secure Them All

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Improving Security Outcomes with F5 SSLO in Equinix

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Consistently Control Access to Multi-Cloud Applications with F5 Access Manager and Equinix

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