API Management with NGINX

API Management with NGINX

According to Gartner, by 2022 API abuses will be the leading attack vector for data breaches within enterprise Web applications. This session will take you through the NGINX API-Gateway deployment and base features as they relate to API creation, management and basic API Security.

F5 Government Solution Application Modernization with NGINX

This webinar is part of the Federal Webinar Series designed as an introduction to NGINX platform and the feature benefits. It will kick off with an overview to how the NGINX platform can reduce tool sprawl, cover the API-Gateway deployment as it relates to API creation, management and basic API Security, integrating NGINX App Protect into a CI/CD pipeline to provide a streamlined process for secure app deployment, how Dev-Net-Sec Ops teams can work together to maintain operations and agility via NGINX Controller, and finally will finish with a hands on lab environment to demonstrate what features NGINX can provide in a Kubernetes environment as customers are exploring hybrid-cloud architectures.

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