F5 Test Drive Labs

Better Together in Financial Services! Scale your Production-Grade Kubernetes with F5 NGINX Ingress Controller and Red Hat OpenShift

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Time: 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT

This hands-on lab session will introduce users to the key aspects of F5 NGINX running on the OpenShift platform. Users will gain familiarity with F5 NGINX and its value as a per-application ADC within an OpenShift environment and understand the key differences between open-source NGINX and F5 NGINX. We will also explore how F5 NGINX in combination with OpenShift can provide a production-grade deployment. In addition, users will have hands-on experience in the following:

  • Understand the F5 NGINX Kubernetes (K8s) Ingress Controller (KIC) operator and how to deploy seamlessly from the OpenShift console.
  • How to utilize both the OpenShift default ingress and F5 NGINX KIC ingress in the same environment.
  • How to provide per-app monitoring and load balancing in a cluster environment.
  • Advanced app-centric configuration - Use role-based access control (RBAC) and self-service to set up security guardrails (not gates), so teams can manage their apps securely and with agility. Enable multi-tenancy, reusability, simpler configs, and more.
  • Visibility and performance monitoring - Pinpoint undesirable behaviors and performance bottlenecks to simplify troubleshooting and make fixes faster.

The successful completion of this F5 Test Drive Accreditation Lab results in earning a Certificate of Completion Digital Badge.

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Gee Chow
Modern Applications Solutions Architect, F5 

Cameron Skidmore
Partner Solutions Architect, RedHat