F5 Partner CNF Certification For Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Service providers want assurance that their cloud-native solution is interoperable, secure, and optimized for performance and efficiency.

Use Cases

Certify new deployments and subsequent software upgrades. BIG-IP Next SPK uniquely aligns HTTP/2 and other protocols for ingress/egress into clusters (N-S). Aspen Mesh can manage 10,000+ sites with unique packet capture (E-W).

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Network Function Services Authentication

Service mesh authentication

BIG-IP Next SPK Ingress/Egress Workflow

Check ingress/egress to and from single and multiple IPs

Service Mesh Security Functionality

Sidecar and non-sidecar in-mesh and out-mesh

CNF Authentication Token Verification

Service mesh request and authentication

How it Works

F5 and its partners will certify set-up, onboarding, integration, deployment, and life cycle management of BIG-IP Next SPK and Aspen Mesh in a cloud-native environment with vendor CNFs. 

Certified partners include global tier one network equipment providers (NEPs) and independent software vendors (ISVs).


Deploying Your Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Building your next gen networks with F5’s 5G Core network and infrastructure solution.

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Program Features

Embedded control and security of 5G networks

Embedded security from the outset  provides visibility and policy continuity

Ensure product interoperability and lifecycle management

Reduce deployment risk and improve return on investment

Identify CNF setup and integration issues

Early problem solving before container deployment in both architecture and interoperability

Integrate service provider protocols into architecture

Carrier-grade feature support for cloud-native functions

Built-in customer support

Assurance of Professional Services. Test results in certified architectures e.g. (OpenShift, Calico)

Create repeatable reference architectures

Aid rapid deployment of new automated services

Supports a multi-vendor telco cloud

Ensure your product works in a telco cloud environment

Validate successful CNF onboarding

Have confidence of app interoperability, get to market faster

Platform Support and Integrations

Kubernetes Integrations

F5 Aspen Mesh can be flexibly deployed on Kubernetes cloud-native infrastructure.

F5 Partner CNF certification program

F5 and its partners certify onboarding, integration, deployment, and life cycle management of BIG-IP Next SPK and Aspen Mesh in a cloud-native environment with vendor CNFs.


Technology alliances

F5 collaborates with the world’s leading technology companies. Together, via interoperability and integrations, we help our customers secure and deliver extraordinary digital experiences.

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