Enterprise Architecture for Digital Business

Transforming IT


Digital transformation has accelerated nearly tenfold in recent years as both a business and technology journey. Yet most white papers and how-to guides still focus solely on the business side, rather than include methods for optimizing the technology behind it. A CIO who can handle digital transformation along with business interests is a rare find. 

This handbook shows CIOs, IT directors, and architects how to balance these two concerns successfully. You'll explore current technology trends and shifts required to build a digital business, including how enterprise architecture should evolve if it's to sustain and grow your business. This is the ideal guide to modernizing IT.

Digital Business eBook

Read This eBook to Examine:

New components, layers, and concepts that comprise a framework for digital enterprise architecture

Skills and technologies you need to modernize an enterprise architecture for a digital business

Domains and characteristics of a digital enterprise architecture—and how to map digital enterprise technologies to appropriate teams