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Q2 Uses Security Automation to Block 97% of Malicious Traffic with F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

Q2’s financial experience platform supports more than 1,200 financial institutions and over 22 million account holders worldwide. With the growth in mobile and digital banking, and the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber attacks on financial institutions and their account holders, Q2 needed a way to provide stronger security without disrupting the customer experience. F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense was the answer.

FNHA Builds Trust in Healthcare with Scalable F5 Cybersecurity

The First Nations Health Authority works to overcome issues of trust as it improves health outcomes for First Nations communities and citizens across British Columbia while relying on F5 solutions for security, scalability, and responsive support.

Snam Powers its Energy Pipeline Network with F5 BIG-IP and F5 NGINX Plus

Snam S.p.A. is one of the leading energy infrastructure operators in the world. Underpinning its critical role in energy security and operational modernization is a digital transformation that leans heavily on the development of an API ecosystem. Having experienced frustrations with its previous infrastructure providers, Snam turned to F5.

F5 Distributed Cloud Services aporta capacidades nativas de la nube a la infraestructura privada de SoftBank Corp.

Conozca los beneficios exclusivos que obtuvo SoftBank Corp. al crear contenedores con sus aplicaciones y ejecutarlas en una infraestructura de nube privada totalmente gestionada desde F5 Distributed Cloud Services.

Team Fresh Optimizes Microservices and Cloud Environments with F5 NGINX Plus

Team Fresh is a leading provider of domestic cold-chain logistic services for the delivery of food to customers safely and quickly. When it found it could no longer effectively manage its infrastructure with NGINX Open Source as it increased its use of cloud services and microservices-based applications, Team Fresh opted for F5 NGINX Plus.

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