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Optimize and Modernize Manufacturing Processes with F5 and Azure

A profound transformation is underway in manufacturing, as workflows are further automated and management processes are digitized. With increasing global material constraints and regulations geared towards sustainable production, manufacturers leverage the cloud’s security and scale to drive innovations as they adapt their processes toward the expected future paradigm.

Build and Deploy Kubernetes Apps Quickly and with Added Security Capabilities in Complex Hybrid Environments

While containers can help make diverse, hybrid environments more consistent, they also create new security challenges, often due to a lack of visibility into the containers themselves.

Monolithic vs. Microservices Architecture: Microservices are Out, Monoliths are Back

Read why the F5 portfolio continues to support all applications whether on-premises or in the public cloud—or both.

Optimized Application Delivery for Distributed Environments with Multi-Cloud Networking

As application delivery shifts from CDNs and a single cloud to distributed cloud architectures, managing security and performance across NetOps, SecOps, and DevOps teams has become increasingly complex. Through collaboration, F5 and Red Hat are making it easier to connect and secure your cloud networks and applications.

Innovate, Secure, and Transform Financial Services

Whether your organization is looking to offer new digital experiences or better secure the ones you already provide, the right technologies can produce the desired outcome. Let’s examine three topics and the technologies that support them.

Fraud Fighters Need to Think Differently

Fraud prevention requires a holistic view of the customer journey and benefits from the ability to detect fraudsters before they’re able to transact. Using a multi-pronged approach to mitigate attacks bridges gaps that can exist between security and fraud teams.

Key Learnings from FDX Global Summit

With FDX’s core principles circling around the security and reliability of financial data, FDX Global Summit sessions did not disappoint. It’s clear that APIs continue to excel over other data-sharing technologies in evolving financial services ecosystems between financial institutions, third-party providers, aggregators, and customers.

Building Secure and Reliable Digital Experiences for Today’s Finance Firms

Using F5 solutions, platform engineering can curate ideal AWS development environments for building the secure, reliable, and compliant finance applications essential for attracting and engaging customers.

Modern Networking in the Digital World

Offering multi-cloud networking that only addresses the complexity of L2-3 or even L2-4 is insufficient. Multi-cloud networking must include the entire stack if it’s going to relieve the headaches of trying to operate the distributed apps and digital services that define the digital world.

What Does the Future Hold for Zero Trust?

If we’re not already thinking a few steps ahead of where we are today with app security, we will fall quickly behind in a race with cybercriminals. Erin Verna sits down with Distinguished Engineer Ken Arora and Senior Director of Product Development Mudit Tyagi to discuss zero trust and related topics.