Take Ownership of Application Health and Visibility

High-performing apps require high-performing analytics. The more data you can visualize and make actionable, the faster app owners can respond to it—keeping systems running at top speed, securely, and at scale.
Learn about the four principles of visibility and how they empower you with insights that drive better business outcomes.

The Challenge? Visibility Gaps In Your App Portfolio

Acceleration of digital transformation is pushing the boundaries and the ability to maintain high performing, scalable, and secure applications. Combined with the rush to keep up with, even anticipate, customer needs, this acceleration can increase the chance of application instability, downtime, or security vulnerability.

Without knowing what applications you’re running or how they’re performing, you leave yourself at risk. Risk of customer downtime, risk of security exposure, risk of time wasted fixing preventable problems. The cost of running blind is the cost of being less competitive in the marketplace.

The Fix? Seeing Beyond Siloes Via End-to-End Visability and Analytics

High performing apps require high-performing analytics. Combining key performance and health data from infrastructure, platform, and application services, as well as their relationships, provides multi-dimensional visibility to your overall app health. 

With app-centric visualization, you can:

  • Close unknown gaps in application visibility to expand and strengthen security, compliance, and reliability service-level agreements.
  • Empower application teams to respond faster to emerging problems by detecting them before they start.
  • Provide greater reliability to your customers.
  • Gain new insights into how your apps work together and discover ways to increase performance and scale across siloed infrastructures and platforms.
How F5 Can Help

Together, F5 and NGINX are uniquely positioned to offer greater visibility and actionable analytics across your application portfolio.

Positioned in-line with your applications’ traffic, F5’s BIG-IP and BIG-IQ Centralized Management offer health, security, and performance analytics, as well as deep troubleshooting tools—aligning traditional NetOps teams with DevOps methodologies.

NGINX Controller provides API-driven visibility and analytics as you scale NGINX Plus into traditional or service-mesh solutions across platforms.

Collect and analyze inline data

By pulling data directly from inline application delivery controllers F5 can securely capture performance and security insights and analytics that other solutions simply don’t have access to. Use flexible app-centric dashboards to dive into troubleshooting faster.

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Act quickly, based on app-centric data

Explore application telemetry from a single pane of glass as you create custom insights, gaining deep intelligence on performance, health, and issues that affect your bottom line.

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Scale analytics wherever you deploy

Deciding where to deploy—whether virtualized, bare metal, or microservices—shouldn’t determine what visibility your apps provide. API-driven connectivity lets application owners scale without sacrificing analytics.

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Get total visibility with existing or custom integrations

Leverage your existing analytics solutions and create new value with popular integrations. Or use our extensible APIs to build the third-party integration points you need.

View security analytics, actionable intel

Extend and visualize functional security as applications deploy to stay ahead of risk. View actionable threat intelligence and insights as bad actors try to access your application portfolio.

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Connect to your applications wherever they live

Platform-agnostic connectivity lets you collect analytics no matter where you deploy—the cloud, co-located data centers, microservices, or bare metal.

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