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Accelerate your Digital Transformation Strategies with IBM and NGINX

Modernizing application infrastructure while maintaining control and security is a challenge for many enterprises. Successfully leveraging public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure while gaining agility with microservices based applications requires a dynamic new technology stack. IBM and NGINX are working together to provide the platforms and tools to accelerate enterprise-wide digital transformation and make today’s technology more efficient, responsive, and secure.

F5 NGINX is trusted by more of the world’s busiest sites than any other web server. It provides a full complement of capabilities for IBM’s technologies for delivering modern applications, both in the cloud and on premises.


The IBM LinuxONE enterprise server combines the openness of the Linux operating system with the secured computing platform for on-premises or cloud applications. Businesses can leverage a wide variety of open standards applications, along with the rich ecosystem of solutions available on IBM LinuxONE to modernize applications, data and processes, and build a modern DevOps environment.

With the integration of NGINX with IBM LinuxONE and zSystems (IBM Z), businesses can now accelerate content and application delivery with high performance, reliability, scalability, and security. The solution is designed to help DevOps leaders across the globe deliver modern applications and APIs at scale, faster, and with more confidence. 

As a part of the IBM Ecosystem, NGINX on IBM LinuxONE empowers organizations to embrace application modernization and digital transformation in a hybrid cloud environment. With this new end-to-end enterprise-grade application and web service management platform, businesses can now accelerate content and application delivery through cloud-native and advanced traffic management.

With NGINX on IBM Z and LinuxONE, you can:

  • Increase web traffic with advanced-level web server, reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy, and HTTP cache functionalities.
  • Perform seamless and frictionless lift and shift of applications with the ability to bring your own configuration (BYOC), eliminating the learning curve when deploying apps.
  • Reach the next level in high availability, holistic scalability, superior performance, and security – both at hardware and software level.
  • Gain near-zero downtime and extremely high SLAs for an enhanced customer experience.

Key benefits include:

  • First-class load balancing – Achieve reliable, secure, low-maintenance, and high-performance application load balancing
  • Ease of use – Simplify your approach for accelerated content, application delivery, and deployment
  • Cloud-native specifications – Manage cloud-native application traffic for IBM Z and Red Hat OpenShift applications
  • Advanced traffic management – Unlock advanced traffic management services such as JWT authentication, active health checks, and more
  • Seamless integration – Align with the client’s software, IT infrastructure, and firewall system
  • Smooth setup – Attain quick and easy implementation with redundant services set up
  • Shorter learning cycle – Use trusted, familiar hardware and software products to minimize additional user education
  • Lightweight agent – Significantly minimize lift for processing and memory needs

For more information, see F5 NGINX Brings Application Modernization to New IBM z16 and LinuxONE 4 Single Frame and Rack Mount Models.

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