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Installation Provider

Customers from finance, telecom operators, websites, governments, business, health care, education, media, energy and many other industries trust Holyzone to provide solutions that help to deliver fast, available, and secure applications to ensure their business. Technical experts with at least 3-years experience and official certification with F5 provide consulting, product installation, technical advice, after-sales support and other value-added services.



F5 Networks works for Chinese Railway 12306

As the core business of the national railway carrier system, 12306 carries the service of Chinese railway ticket system and the national railway freight system. F5 application delivery equipment was successfully tested during the Spring Festival under the great pressure of a tremendous amount of data, ensuring an average of more than 1 billion clicks per day. Technical experts from Holyzone participated in the whole process and provided late-stage technical support to provide the continuous fast, security, highly available for 12306.

F5 Networks为中国铁路12306保驾护航



Huaxia Bank: Impossible mission! Done!

The core bank system of Huaxia Bank provides crucial services for the whole bank's business, which is the foundation of Huaxia Bank's IT construction. Using F5 technology experts from Holyzone provided the MBLB solution for Huaxia Bank with professional suggestions for the construction remoulding. Problems such as the host pressure uneven, long switching time, unable to downtime were perfectly solved through the programmable control function of F5. A core service fault-tolerant distribution layer was constructed through a N+M cluster by F5 which provided a safe, fast, high available and easy-managed banking system for Huaxia Bank.

华夏银行通过F5 MBLB解决方案完成看似不可能完成的任务



A 7X24X365 High available solution for City banks of China: F5 active data center

Citybanks of China rely on the F5 active data center solution by Holyzone to achieve high availability system at data center level and 7X24X365 continuous service of the bank applications. Business failover between data centers was accelerated from hours to minutes through GTM,LTM and AAM products of F5. Implement of F5 not only ensure fast, security, highly available service,but also help reduce IT cost for the customers.



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