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6 Principles of a Holistic API Security Strategy | F5

Design a strategy to protect the backbone of your organization with these 6 principles for a holistic and well-rounded approach to API security by F5.

Empowering Enterprises: Streamlining Managed Kubernetes and Application Networking Challenges for Edge at Scale

F5 Distributed Cloud empowers enterprises to overcome the challenges of modern edge deployments, ensuring agility, security, and unparalleled efficiency in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

F5 2024 Technology Outlook

Generative AI's impact on the market has been seismic, but there's another trend on the rise for 2024—the convergence of security and observability—and four technologies accelerating it.

App delivery patterns for scaling apps and APIs

Load balancing algorithms play a vital role in application delivery, but the overall architectural approach has a greater impact on performance and scale. Explore various modern capabilities and application delivery patterns to enhance customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and revenue generation from your digital services.

5G Makes a Cloud-Native Application Architecture Vital

F5's cloud-native solutions help service providers transform their cloud-native application architecture, accelerating 5G adoption.

Common Policies or Native Services—Addressing Multi-Cloud Security

Solve operational inefficiencies that develop with the use of native security services.

A Case for Multidimensional Visibility

Eliminate data siloes and improve end-to-end application visibility by using a multidimensional visibility-guided approach to analytics.

5 Principles for Optimizing App Performance in the Cloud

We all share the same goal: get new apps out FAST. But how can teams come together to support this goal without sacrificing app performance and security?

End-to-end API lifecycle services

Optimize API performance by leveraging a modern API management solution that delivers robust performance and reduces complexity for both traditional and modern applications.