IBM InfoSphere Guardium (BIG-IP v11.2: LTM)

This F5 deployment Guide is for building a high availability architecture for IBM InfoSphere Guardium, IBM's database security appliance. This document provides guidance for deploying the BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) with IBM InfoSphere Guardium.

Because the integrity of this information is so critical, uptime and performance of the Guardium cluster is paramount. To achieve the levels of uptime demanded by advanced solutions, F5 and IBM have jointly created, tested, and documented this high availability solution.

By deploying BIG-IP LTM in front of Guardium, organizations can achieve the following benefits:

  • Reduced total cost of ownership through easier configuration and management,
  • Health monitoring of the Guardium S-TAP Collectors to ensure traffic is sent to a Collector that is actually up and available,
  • Intelligent Load Balancing to distribute incoming connections to the Guardium server with the least connections,
  • Transparent pass-through of SSL connections to allow either SSL or cleartext connections between the databases and the Collectors,
  • Granular control the administrators, allowing for maintenance on a particular Guardium Collector, without impacting Database information collection.

The following diagram shows the configuration described in the deployment guide.  For specific information, please read the guide.