Oracle Application Server 10g R2 (BIG-IP v11)


When deployed with Oracle AS 10g R2, the iApp in BIG-IP system v11 ensures secure, fast and always available access for applications running on Oracle. Use this F5 deployment guide for guidance on configuring the BIG-IP system for 10g R2 implementations.

F5’s Application Ready Solution for Oracle Application Server 10g R2 provides a unique and comprehensive application delivery platform that helps align IT agility with business agility. F5 greatly enhances the efficiency and productivity of both the Oracle applications and the organizations who rely on these devices. Oracle is one of F5’s largest customers, providing application delivery networking to, and all of their internal and external enterprise applications for Oracle employees worldwide.

Benefits of this solution:

  • F5 WAN optimization technologies can dramatically increase Oracle 10g performance across the WAN.
  • Extend server capacity by offloading tasks like compression and SSL processing onto F5’s unified, simple to manage platform.
  • Achieve 20 to 30 times bandwidth reduction for remote office users.
  • F5’s Oracle 10g-specific application templates, acceleration and security policies, and step-by-step configuration guidance help reduce deployment cycles by 1/3rd.
  • F5 gives peace of mind with comprehensive application-level security.

The BIG-IP system provides intelligent traffic management and fail-over for Oracle 10g R2 Web and Application servers. Through advanced health checking capabilities, the BIG-IP product recognizes when resources are unavailable or under-performing and directs traffic to another resource. The BIG-IP product can also track Oracle Application Server 10g R2 end-user sessions, enabling the application server to maintain client session data.

The following diagram shows the example deployment with Oracle 10g R2 and the BIG-IP system described in this guide. For specific details, download the guide.