5G Mobile Network Signaling and Roaming Security

Simplified, scalable, and secure solutions which solve the complexities of signaling in a 5G standalone network deployment.

Going Beyond the Standards – BIG-IP Next Signaling Solutions

The architectural shift to a cloud-native core creates new signaling traffic management challenges. Service providers require an elastic solution to meet massively increased 4G and 5G signaling traffic volume.

As a global leader in signaling, F5 provides a simplified and scalable signaling and roaming security solution. It solves the complexities of signaling in a 5G standalone core network deployment and provides a path to 4G and 5G network co-existence.

Maximize Service Availability

Simplified network mesh connectivity enables real time congestion control, load balancing, and overload protection.

Improved Signaling Performance

Optimization of 5G SBA signaling controls enable better network visibility and boost network performance by continuously coordinating with other network functions.

Optimize Roaming Security and Efficiency

Support for 5G roaming provides improved control, traffic optimization, and security of messages exchanged between public land mobile networks (PLMNs).

Binding Session Capability for 5G Voice over IMS

F5’s Binding Session Function (BSF) network function provides session binding capabilities to support 5G Voice over IMS through interworking with IMS (VoLTE).

A Service Communication Proxy is the Heart of a Service-Based Architecture

5G core signaling functions SCP, BSF, and SEPP optimize 5G traffic

BIG-IP Next Service Communication Proxy (SCP) provides a central point for signaling communication, visibility, and security in a 5G standalone service-based architecture. Binding Session Function (BSF) binds sessions that originate from different network interfaces. BIG-IP Next Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) secures roaming traffic between private and public 5G networks.

How F5 Helps

A cloud-native core must faultlessly manage huge volumes of signaling traffic

BIG-IP Next Service Communication Proxy (SCP) simplifies, scales, and secures 5G standalone core signaling communication to maximize service availability. This provides critical signaling, visibility, and traffic policy control along with security and visibility.

Secure signaling traffic between private and public 5G networks

Build a secure roaming architecture with 3GPP standards-based BIG-IP Next SEPP that achieves the full benefit of 5G standalone architecture. This provides improved 5G security functionality, public and private network interconnection, network slicing, and other IoT-focused services.

Platform Support and Integrations

Cloud-native deployments

The BIG-IP Next SCP and SEPP Cloud-Native Network Functions (CNF) can be flexibly deployed on Kubernetes cloud-native infrastructure.




It’s time to migrate from 4G to 5G to meet your customer and business needs. How do you make that transition, ensuring your new 5G infrastructure is interoperable with existing 4G networks? With a secure, scalable, cloud-native architecture from core to edge.

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