What is the Modern IT Complexity Dilemma?

The complexity of modern IT systems supporting your applications impacts every part of your business today–from your customers, partners, and employees to the quality and security of your apps to the success and growth of your business itself. Addressing this complexity is essential, but it’s not easy.

The IT Complexity Dilemma–Chapter 1 of the new O'Reilly eBook, Overcoming IT Complexity–explores today’s modern IT environment and how the build-up of “technical debt” and outdated approaches to IT architecture and culture slows business, increases costs, and often results in networkwide system failures.

Get the insights you need to mitigate the troubling effects of IT complexity and drive your business to greater efficiency, improved security, and a higher level of competitiveness.

F5 is happy to offer “What is the Modern IT Complexity Dilemma?”– the first chapter from the new O’Reilly eBook, Overcoming IT Compexity–as a free download. Stay tuned for more.

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What modern IT complexity is and how it impacts every corner of your business.

How rethinking IT architecture and culture can increase business, lower costs, and protect your environment from system failures.

How to mitigate IT complexity via standardized operating procedures and automation.