Open banking is revolutionizing how people across the globe spend their money. This was especially true for African Bank, as they embarked on their journey to deliver an omnichannel banking experience for their customers using microservices.


Open banking is a major source of innovation in the banking industry. It enables better user experiences by improving traditional services such as more helpful tools, streamlined lending, automated accounting, and new ways to payment.

The use of open APIs enable third-party developers to build foundational technologies for applications and web sites that provide greater financial transparency options, ranging from open data to private data, for the financial institution's account holders.

See how F5 and NGINX enables Infrastructure & Operations and DevOps teams to define, publish, secure, monitor, and analyze APIs, while keeping developers in control of API design for open banking platforms.

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Open API is the future. The security of customers’ data is now as important as the security of your applications.

The use of APIs is vital to organizations exploring a fast and smart approach to establish a digital platform. Finding its place in fast-track application development and deployment process like DevOps, institutions are exposed to greater risks. A holistic security approach comprising of encryption, identity, content validation, and infrastructure security is needed


Adopting the API model will give third parties like FinTech companies access to the assets of the financial institution.


Each request needs to be enveloped on holistic and frictionless security, which besides authentication and authorization, must also be protected for access and data security. 


Digital access and mobile access through myriad smart devices are increasing rapidly, in tandem with rapid release of applications and services.


What Is API Management?

Comprehensive API management is essential to the rapid adoption and continuing success of your APIs. Learn key API concepts and explore the relationship of API management to API gateways.

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