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Attacker Economics

Increasing automated attacks continue to undermine the digital experience and expose organizations to great financial losses and reputation damage. Organizations need to stay ahead of the curve to lower cyber risks associated with ecommerce transactions. Learn how you can demotivate fraudsters by making cybersecurity attacks cost-prohibitive, keeping the economics on your side.

attacker economics

The New Era of Fraud: An Automated Threat

As the value and volume spent online continues to surge, evolving cyber vulnerabilities and threats need to be addressed. Automated botnets facilitate attacks at a scale, speed, and level of sophistication never seen before. Know the many faces of fraud to learn how to beat fraudsters before they strike with AI and machine learning tools – and move from detection to prediction.

Retail player keeps fraud at bay

One of the leading North American players in the retail industry protects itself from fraud, friction, and shoe-bot spikes. Read how Shape Security delivered a customized fraud prevention solution enabling client to proactively detect and prevent fraud without adding friction to the customer experiences that drive lifetime customer loyalty.



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