Intro to NGINX App Protect

NGINX App Protect (NAP) is a modern application security solution designed to work seamlessly in DevOps environments as you deliver apps from code to customer. Built on F5’s market-leading WAF and bot protection, NGINX App Protect runs natively on NGINX Plus and integrates security controls into your application.

In Introduction to NGINX App Protect you’ll perform a basic configuration of NAP in NGINX. You’ll review the default NAP policy. You’ll set NAP logging. You’ll then create and test policies and troubleshoot common policy configuration issues. You’ll work with an NGINX-provided Kibana visualization of NAP. Finally, you’ll perform a software update.


NGINX customers, NGINX App Protect customers, potential customers, and internal consultants


Train customers and potential customers on how to use the NGINX App Protect product


  • Provide an understanding of where NGINX App Protect fits in the family of NGINX and F5 products
  • Configure NAP within NGINX
  • Review default App Protect policy
  • Set App Protect (security) logging
  • Create and test policies
  • Troubleshoot common policy configuration issues
  • Work with the NGINX-provided Kibana visualization of NAP
  • Update the software


  • NGINX App Protect in Context
  • Setting Logs
  • Setting Policies
  • Troubleshooting and Additional Resources
  • Visualization with the ELK Stack
  • Updating Signatures and Threat Campaigns


4 hours

$500 / 10 F5 training units