Web App and API Protection (WAAP)

Protect apps and APIs deployed across clouds and edge sites with industry-leading, SaaS-based web application firewall (WAF) and bot protection, advanced API security, and L3-L7 DDoS defense.

Why Distributed Cloud WAAP Matters

Reap the benefits of “click to enable, run anywhere” security policies for consistent and repeatable protection, global coverage, and enforcement. An API-driven approach to application protection enables improved collaboration between network, security operations, and developers. With F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP, organizations can simplify their path to effective security without sacrificing continued business innovation and customer demand.

Protection Against a Growing Attack Surface and Emerging Threats

Comprehensive protection as apps evolve and API deployments increase. Protect the entirety of an apps attack surface with WAF, API security, DDoS mitigation, bot defense against automated threats and fraud.

Dramatically Simpler Operations

Reduce the number of point solutions and centralize security management and policy enforcement across distributed environments.

Consistent Security Policies Everywhere

Deploy consistent policies and scale security across your entire estate of apps regardless of where they’re hosted.

Gain valuable insights and telemetry across your distributed app infrastructure from a centralized user interface.

Explore Distributed Cloud WAAP Solutions

Protect Against Malicious Bots

Protect Against Malicious Bots

Provide enterprises with advanced bot defense and sophisticated security monitoring to eradicate bad traffic that targets user accounts, content scraping, and ad fraud.

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Mitigate Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

Mitigate Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

Distributed Cloud WAAP protects apps against volumetric L3-L7 DDoS attacks at the network edge, ensuring that the app still has global availability without impact to legitimate customers. Distributed Cloud WAAP also provides visibility into both historically mitigated and active attacks so that proactive controls can be enabled to further thwart unwanted bad actors.

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In a world that runs on apps, application security is business security. And today, traditional WAF and DDoS solutions just aren’t sufficient to protect your complex mix of apps and APIs from an increasing number of threats and evolving attack types. F5’s Distributed Cloud Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) solution delivers comprehensive SaaS-based security for all your web and mobile applications—no matter where they’re deployed.