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Protect your apps and APIs from bots and malicious automation while maintaining engagement that drives your business.

What Is Bot Management?

Bots make the Internet work—from search engine crawlers that bring the world to your fingertips to chatbots that engage and influence your customers early in their buying journey.

But bots also scale automated attacks like credential stuffing, which can result in account takeover (ATO) and fraud. 

Don’t settle for bot management that fails to deter cybercriminals or frustrates customers with friction that leads to transaction abandonment, lost revenue, or hot leads for your competitors. Bot management should automatically mitigate the following types of bot attacks to make your apps run securely.

Learn more about the new era of automated fraud. 

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What Bot Management Helps You Prevent

Account Takeover Protection

Fake Accounts

Bad actors use fake accounts to commit financially motivated attacks, including reward abuse on retail sites, money laundering via online banking, and even disguises for credential stuffing.

Protects Loyalty Programs

Gift Card Cracking

In this type of brute force attack, attackers check millions of variations on gift card numbers against a gift card application to identify card numbers that hold value.

Account Takeover Protection

Credential Stuffing / Account Takeover

Attackers may test large numbers of compromised credentials (e.g., usernames and passwords stolen from another site) against your login application to compromise those accounts for monetary gain.

Stops Scraping

Content Scraping

Automated tools can collect large amounts of data from a target application for reuse or sale elsewhere.

Prevents Inventory Hoarding

Inventory Hoarding

Applications that prevent customer transactions may be abused to block sales or to fraudulently acquire goods or services.

Stops Scraping

Aggregator Abuse

Attacks through third-party aggregators and integrations can lead to PII exfiltration, ATO, and fraud.

Why Bot Management Matters

Fraud is increasing in sophistication and often driven by organized crime rings that employ bots to carry out automated attacks. These groups are known to quickly retool to overcome basic bot management, which puts security teams on the defensive and strains highly-skilled resources. Failure to effectively mitigate bots will create adverse impacts on your application performance, your customer experience, and your business.

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How F5 Can Help

Without frustrating users, bot management solutions must adapt as attackers retool (and they will) to bypass countermeasures.

Accurate detection and resilient protections can dramatically improve business outcomes by slashing fraud losses, providing better customer experiences, and maximizing operational efficiencies and business intelligence.

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By managing bots and mitigating automated attacks on their applications, organizations can reduce losses from fraud, serve customers better, and improve business outcomes.

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Arrêter les attaques automatisées

L’économie est en faveur des attaquants

Les applications sont au cœur de l’entreprise dans la nouvelle économie numérique. L’automatisation permet aux organisations d’être les premières sur le marché, les premières à faire des profits et les premières à innover avec des applications qui changent littéralement le monde.

À l’inverse, une conjoncture favorable pousse les attaquants à adopter les bots et l’automatisation pour mener des attaques sur les applications Web et les API, ce qui entraîne des abus, des prises de contrôle de comptes, des fraudes, une perte de confiance des clients et des marques à la réputation ternie.

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

Gardez une longueur d’avance sur les cybercriminels en déployant la solution de gestion des bots la plus efficace de la planète.

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F5 Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management

Obtenez un contrôle granulaire des agrégateurs de données pour atténuer les risques d’attaques imprévues par le biais de vos intégrations tierces.

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Intégrations d’écosystèmes

Comment les solutions F5 s’intègrent dans les écosystèmes de sécurité ?

F5 collabore avec des entreprises majeures du secteur informatique pour créer des solutions communes capables de protéger vos marques les plus célèbres contre les bots, les abus et les fraudes.

Protéger les points de connexion et les points de contact numériques

Accélérer un accès facile et hautement sécurisé avec F5 et Okta

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Commerce électronique rapide et sécurisé

Protéger rapidement votre empreinte dans le commerce électronique avec Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)

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