Private Cloud Packages

Move faster, safer.

Private cloud solution packages provide tested, validated, and certified solutions that integrate F5 application and security services into various cloud (IaaS and PaaS) and container environments. These solution packages enable a flexible, DevOps-ready datacenter for enterprise workloads.

Use these packages to speed the deployment of self-service, fully orchestrated cloud-based infrastructure services and business-critical applications while reducing costs, complexity, and risk.

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F5 Private Cloud Solution Packages

Engineered, tested, validated, and certified

Solution packages include all the components you need to enable automated deployment of F5 app services in cloud and container environments.

hardware and software

BIG-IP platforms and software

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Joint testing, validation, and certification

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Orchestration integration and visualization

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Consulting, support, and documentation

A less complex path to the cloud.

F5 and its partners have combined their experience and expertise to bring together the necessary components, test and validate the packages, and document the installation and deployment process. As a result, solution packages provide faster and simpler implementations, as well as ensure applications are highly available and secure.

Solution packages also minimize the risk that comes with dependency on domain knowledge experts, by providing vendor support for both integration and installation.

What’s included in a solution package?

Solution packages are made up of a standard set of components that includes BIG-IP devices, software modules, professional services, support, and the appropriate certifications. Each package also includes the specific integration into the orchestration and management framework, visualization system, and environment-specific deployment guides.

Components included in Private Cloud Solution Packages

  • BIG-IQ Centralized Management (VE) to manage licenses
  • Third-party solution certification
  • Professional services
  • Support
  • Installation documentation

Private Cloud Solution Package for OpenStack

This package leverages joint testing and certification with Red Hat to orchestrate BIG-IP Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) with OpenStack networking services. By using the OpenStack LBaaSv2 plugin, Heat orchestration templates, and the Red Hat OpenStack Platform, the solution provides both under-the-cloud, multi-tenant L4-L7 services and over-the-cloud, single tenant services next to your application in Red Hat OpenStack cloud.

To enable advanced L7 features available in BIG-IP products, this package supports Enhanced Services Definitions (ESDs) implemented via the F5 LBaaSv2 driver. ESDs provide a simple, JSON-based mechanism for the provisioning of advanced profiles, policies, and iRules dataplane scripts available with BIG-IP products in an Open Stack environment. You can now deploy OpenStack load balancers customized for specific applications. The OpenStack private cloud package provides joint certification and testing with Red Hat to orchestrate BIG-IP ADCs with OpenStack Networking services.

Testing and validation of this package was done using OpenStack community-based Tempest and Testr tools (available on GitHub). Customers can reduce the time to deploy by up to 76 percent by following the detailed deployment guide version 10. The package comes with F5 professional services, enterprise-grade support, and the necessary BIG-IP components, simplifying your procurement and deployment processes.

Private Cloud Solution Package for Cisco Networking

F5 and Cisco partnered together to provide an end -to-end software defined networking and policy-driven solution to accelerate your journey to the private cloud. Together, we offer fully automated and orchestrated L2–L7 application network services by integrating the F5 BIG-IP application services with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI) via the F5 Device Package and F5 iWorkflow for service insertion.

This solution package has been tested and certified by F5 and Cisco for ACI service insertion with the device package, unmanaged mode without a device package, and Cisco Nexus 9000 standalone environments using Ansible playbooks. Installation and configuration steps have been validated and published as part of F5 deployment architectures and guide. The package comes with F5 professional services consulting and enterprise-grade support, making your procurement and deployment process easier.