Service providers keep the world connected

Ensuring essential communications services during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world operates

Millions of people are working from home, students are engaged in remote learning, and shoppers are ordering products online rather than venturing out to stores. In many ways, service providers are playing an essential role in keeping the world connected by providing essential communications services at unprecedented levels.  Service providers must provide continuity and quality as customers expect the same quality of experience (QoE) as before, regardless of the incredible strain on existing networks. 

service providers covid-19

Service providers respond to initial stress loads

To support increased connectivity needs, service providers are waiving data caps for consumers; continuing to support first responders, businesses, and schools; and ensuring voice and data networks can handle the amplified traffic load.   

Emerging challenges to address

Service providers still face urgent challenges that must be addressed. For example, they must ensure that:
  • Employees supporting customers in the field and servicing network infrastructure can continue to connect to corporate IT resources.  
  • Networks can continue to support the increased load, provide fair use access for content providers, and prioritize important data traffic.  
  • Attackers cannot take advantage of the disruption to compromise the network and steal critical data.  
  • New security lapses due to an expanded online workforce unaccustomed to remote security practices are prevented.


F5 Is Here to Help

Whether you need to ensure access for remote workers, provide network performance and availability, or protect against security attacks, F5 is here to help you keep the world connected.

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Remote access

Are you struggling to enable secure remote access capabilities for your employees? Learn how to optimize APM for the new demands experienced during COVID-19. BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) can help.

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IP address exhaustion

Are you running out of IP address space due to more endpoints? BIG-IP Carrier-Grade NAT (CGNAT) can provide relief. Check out the Service Provider overview/checklist for CGNAT, PEM, and DNS.

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Online fraud prevention

F5 and Shape Security offer application security that slashes online fraud and abuse, prevents reputational damage, and eliminates disruptions to critical applications.

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Network optimization

Identifying and prioritizing network traffic is more important than ever. For mobile operators in particular, BIG-IP Policy Enforcement Manager (PEM) can analyze and intelligently shape your traffic based on your custom policies to maximize user experiences, 24x7.

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Managed security

Silverline, F5’s cloud-based managed security solutions, can protect your websites, applications, or web servers from DDoS attacks that strain resources.

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DDoS mitigation

There are increasing DDoS attacks by cybercriminals using COVID-19 as an opportunity. F5 provides DDoS protection that makes sense for your service provider architecture.

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