Teach Your WAF Kung Fu

Navpreet Gill 축소판
Navpreet Gill
Published January 14, 2021

The current pandemic has led businesses to rely on digitization more than ever. The rise of reliance on applications also means that Information Security leaders are strengthening the defenses for their apps.

Web application firewalls (WAFs) serve as the necessary first line of defense; however, “A well-monitored, configured, and updated web application firewall (WAF) should also be able to stop threat actors from exploiting vulnerable systems within a network.” – F5 Labs

As F5 Labs notes, nearly three critical vulnerabilities are released each day. So, how can you empower your WAF to deal with targeted attacks from these advanced threats?

Advanced threats require an advanced WAF equipped with live and actionable threat intelligence to make security controls smarter—controls that automatically detect and block active attack campaigns and malware.

Consider the landmark 1999 science fiction action film (and its many subsequent memes), The Matrix, where Neo (Keanu Reeves) is plugged into a machine that can instantly upload a lifetime’s worth of martial arts training directly into his brain. After the update, Neo wakes up and declares, “I know kung fu!”


While certainly not there yet for humans, it does seem that similar elements are getting much closer to reality when it comes to tech.

For instance, last year F5 released Threat Campaigns subscription as an add-on service to F5 Advanced WAF. The service helps protect applications and IT infrastructure from sophisticated attacks by detecting and blocking attacks proactively.

In the movie, The Matrix, Neo can quickly get updates for programs like kung fu to enhance his combat skills. F5 intelligence services such as Threat Campaigns can be easily added to your WAF and automate security to detect and block threats. F5 provides better security efficacy with near-zero false positives to improve enterprise web application security. For example, Threat Campaigns thwarted about 1295 attacks in 2020.

Key Benefits:

  • Live updates with actionable threat intelligence from F5
  • Improved web application security with near-zero false positives
  • Cost-effective model for confident risk mitigation
  • No more threat hunting

Empower your BIG-IP with F5 intelligence services to mitigate against targeted attack campaigns. You can configure Advanced WAF to automate mitigation for these new and ongoing threats—teaching your WAF kung fu to combat modern and emerging threats.