KSC Forum

Zakopane, Poland

August 24 – 26, 2022



Please join F5 at KSC Forum, a cybersecurity forum that brings together large enterprises and state institutions to talk about the safety and implementation requirements of the KSC Act.    

Speaking session:

August 25

12:20 – 12:40

Title: Adaptive Security - how to adapt to the changing landscape of threats in the light of the UKSC

Description:  Applications are one of the key pillars of the functioning of many companies because they store sensitive data. For this reason, they also become a point of interest for cybercriminals who attack them in various ways: unpatched vulnerabilities (CVEs), web attacks, software supply chain attacks, automated attacks, etc. On the other hand, in many organizations nowadays, applications are changing their architecture from monolithic to microservices with APIs. Additionally, the same applications migrate from local data centers to public / private clouds as well as hybrid or multi-cloud environments. During the session, we will tell you how to adapt your security mechanisms (adaptive security) in such changing conditions to protect yourself against current threats and meet the requirements of the UKSC.

Presenter:  Mariusz Sawczuk, Security Solutions Engineer, F5

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