How Starbucks Combats Credential Stuffing and Account Takeover

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Every day, nearly 5 million people buy coffee through the Starbucks mobile app. Many pay using Starbucks gift cards, which store personal and financial information. 

Starbucks knew organized criminals were targeting its gift card programs, using stolen credentials to take over accounts, in a costly fraud that stemmed from credential stuffing. So, the company deployed Shape Security, part of F5, to stop the attacks.  

Watch the webinar for a discussion with Starbucks Director of Information Security Mike Hughes to learn how Starbucks partnered with Shape to combat credential stuffing, account takeover, and gift card fraud. 

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How account takeover—which has become easy and lucrative—can lead to fraud
  • What tactics cybercriminals use to quickly weaponize their attacks
  • Why every e-commerce company should take steps to stay ahead of attacks that can lead to fraud