Meeting OWASP Top 10 Compliance with F5 Adv WAF

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Meeting OWASP Top 10 Compliance with F5 Adv WAF

In this session, you'll learn how F5 Advanced WAF has made mitigating OWASP's top threats easy via a compliance-driven inteface that enables WAF administrators to manage security risks as needed on a per-app basis. We'll also demonstrate how the OWASP dashboard provides a security posture across all protected apps as they relate to OWASP top 10 security risks.

F5 Government Solution Application Security

This webinar series is part of the Federal Webinar Series designed to help protect your agency’s most critical applications. We will demonstrate how security risks are mitigated and illustrate the importance of a holistic security approach to protect all your applications. We will also cover new features from Advanced WAF to gain a better understanding in F5’s security tools which include the following:

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