A QUIC Look at HTTP/3 and Why You Need It


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We waited decades for a new HTTP version and then two came along at once! Following just six years after HTTP/2 was introduced, HTTP/3 is now here. With it comes QUIC, a brand new transport protocol.

In this session, we'll discuss why the reign of HTTP/2 was short-lived and why we will be living with all three HTTP versions for the foreseeable future. Our experts will explain:

  • Why you need to adopt QUIC and HTTP/3
  • The relative pros and cons of HTTP/1, HTTP/2, and HTTP/3
  • What QUIC and HTTP/3 will solve over the current TCP and HTTP/2
  • How to use profiles to help upgrade and migrate existing apps and sites to HTTP/3


Nigel Ashworth
Senior Solutions Architect


Bart Salaets
Senior Director Solutions Engineering