Securing Apps Starts with Securing Kubernetes

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When an application enters production as a container, it arrives as a changeless artifact. The first few moments of its existence are spent communicating and learning through the platform API, DNS services, settings, and volumes. The question is, at what stage was the application most vulnerable and when was it compromised?

In this session you will learn more about emerging attack vectors targeted at applications deployed inside Kubernetes platforms, and how you can protect both the application and Kubernetes from being compromised. Discover how to:

  • Monitor your Kubernetes platform for risky behaviours and signs of compromise
  • Secure the API with Kubernetes Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Protect the runtime with Kubernetes security policies
  • Use ingress controllers to enhance data plane security
  • Leverage network policies and service mesh to protect and restrict internal traffic


Mark Boddington
Solutions Architect


Philippe Cloup
Senior Solutions Architect