F5 and Intel

Intel technology helps boost the power and performance of F5’s app delivery services and security solutions—so you can offer customers more powerful, faster, and secure digital experiences.

Top Customer Use Cases

Considering a software-defined architecture to improve speed and agility? With F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) and Intel’s hardware accelerators, you can deploy powerful NFV/cloud solutions and reduce your TCO, without sacrificing performance and scalability.

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Augmented DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are growing in size and complexity. Protect your cloud-based infrastructure against resource-consuming DDoS attacks by offloading detection and mitigation from BIG-IP VE to Intel’s FPGA PAC N3000 SmartNIC. Doing so lets you to mitigate DDoS threats up to 300x greater in magnitude, increase service availability, and reduce operating costs by approximately 47%.

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Accelerated Cryptographic Processing

Bandwidth increases from 5G and IoT networks along with increased demand for crypto workloads can strain application performance. Offload crypto processing to Intel’s Quick Assist Technology (QAT) to improve SSL/TLS performance by up to 500% while reducing BIG-IP VE CPU utilization by 45%.


Why F5 and Intel?

F5 and Intel’s strategic partnership has historically been based on the use of Intel’s high-performance components within F5 hardware. As cloud-native and NFV architectures are deployed by our joint customers, F5 is building an application services fabric that delivers high-performance and scalable solutions for stateful apps and services.

BIG-IP VE integrations with specialized Intel acceleration and networking technologies can help you transition to software—successfully building out your virtualized network functions (VNF) infrastructure without sacrificing performance, scalability, or security.


Lightboard Lesson: Boost BIG-IP VE Performance with Intel Hardware Acceleration Technologies

What you’ll learn:

  • How BIG-IP VE for SmartNICs provides up to 300x greater DDoS mitigation capacity
  • How Intel QAT accelerates cryptographic processing to achieve up to 500% more transactions per second 

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Explore F5 & Intel Integrations

BIG-IP VE for SmartNICs

Boost DDoS mitigation capacity

As service providers continue to roll-out 5G infrastructure and more enterprises undergo digital transformation, the potential for hyperscale cyberattacks grows too—with many anticipating that DDoS attacks will increase in size, complexity, and severity to further exploit these changes.

BIG-IP VE for SmartNICs provides up to a 300x increase in DDoS mitigation capacity by integrating with Intel’s robust FPGA PAC N3000 SmartNIC, offloading the detection and blocking of malicious traffic to an embedded FPGA and freeing up BIG-IP VE CPU resources to boost performance.

BIG-IP VE + Intel Quick Assist Technology (QAT)

High-capacity DDoS protection in cloud environments

Data security is an imperative for enterprises and service providers, but the combination of higher bandwidth networks and an ever-increasing number of secure internet-connected devices make it more difficult for core CPUs to keep up with the need for wire-speed data encryption/ decryption.

Intel QAT is a hardware adapter purpose-built to offload and accelerate cryptographic processing, and when used in conjunction with BIG-IP VE this combined solution reduces strain on compute resources, reduces TCO and yields significant performance improvements when processing encrypted traffic.

Give your BIG-IP VE a Boost!

Talk with an F5 expert about how Intel’s Hardware Accelerators could improve the performance of your BIG-IP VE—and your applications.


BIG-IP VE with Intel QAT



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BIG-IP VE for SmartNICs

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